Aprenda lendo - Inglês - 20/07/2011

Flattered Minister

A pastor was leaving his area and was saying farewell to his congregation at the Church doors for the last time. He shook the hand of an elderly lady as she walked out.
She said:
-- Your successor won't be as good as you.
-- Nonsense, said the pastor, in a flattered tone.
-- No, really, said the old lady, I've been here under five different ministers, and each new one has been worse than the last.

Vocabulary Help

  • church - igreja
  • elderly - idosa
  • flattered tone - tom de quem se sente elogiado
  • last time - última vez
  • last - último
  • leave (leave, left, left) - deixar, sair
  • nonsense - bobagem
  • say farewell - dizer adeus
  • shake hands - cumprimentar
  • shake (shake, shook, shaken) - apertar, balançar
  • walk out - sair
  • worse - pior


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