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Focus & Productivity

Ulysses offers a simple and intuitive workspace you can customize according to your taste.
  • Clean, Distraction-Free Interface

    The interface leverages modern OS X concepts. This beautifully familiar environment will stay out of your way – and help you get around in no time.
    Clean, Distraction-Free Interface
  • Markup-Based Text Editor

    Ulysses’ editor is text, and text only. With a few characters you mark headlines, important passages or comments. No need to lift your fingers from the keyboard.
    Markup-Based Text Editor
  • Plain Text Enhanced

    Ulysses still offers all the features you’d expect from a traditional word processor. Even images, footnotes and links are handled with ease – and unprecedented style.
    Plain Text Enhanced
  • Themeable Editor

    You decide what your editor looks like – choose from handpicked color palettes, or download user-generated themes from the Ulysses Style Exchange.
    Themeable Editor
  • Keyboard Navigation

    You can operate Ulysses via keyboard only, so no need to reach for the mouse. On iPhone and iPad, you can make full use of external keyboards.
    Keyboard Navigation
  • Typewriter Mode

    When enabled, the line you’re currently typing remains vertically fixed – top, center, bottom, whatever you prefer. Line highlight is also supported.
    Typewriter Mode

Organization & Management

Ulysses offers a full suite of organizational tools, from note taking to novel writing – and everything in between.
  • A Single Library for All Texts

    Ulysses’ library holds everything you’ll ever write. No Save dialogs, no Finder searches. It’s all just there. All the time.
    A Single Library for All Texts
  • Hierarchic Groups

    Groups let you organize your writings project- or subject wise. You can break them into sub-groups and sub-sub-groups as you see fit.
    Hierarchic Groups
  • Attachments

    Additional information that belongs to but not in a text can be attached to it: Images, PDFs, notes, keywords, you name it.
  • Filters

    With filters you can narrow down your library’s content according to keywords, text occurrences and even creation or modification date.
  • Auto-Save & Automatic Backup

    Ulysses automatically saves your writings and keeps local backups of your entire text library.
    Auto-Save & Automatic Backup
  • Writing Goals

    Set word or character limits to sheets and groups, track your progress – and brag about it on social media.
    Writing Goals


Ulysses lets you write anywhere, without the need to spend a thought about your setup.
  • Full iCloud Sync

    Synchronization is simple, seamless and neither requires third-party apps, nor any kind of interaction. All content is always available, no matter where you are.
    Full iCloud Sync
  • For macOS and iOS

    From iPhone to iPad to Mac – Ulysses is available for all your devices, and the apps share an identical feature set. No matter what you are writing on – you get the real Ulysses.
    Available for Mac and iOS
  • External Folders on Dropbox

    Ulysses lets you add Dropbox folders to your text library. So if you prefer to store your texts in plain text files, or collaborate with others, you can.
    External Folders on Dropbox

Export & Sharing

No matter what you write and who your readers are, Ulysses’ versatile export function has you covered.
  • Various File Formats

    Export your writings as plain or rich text, as a Markdown file or HTML code. Create beautiful PDFs, Word documents and eBooks, properly formatted and styled.
    Various File Formats
  • Publish to WordPress and Medium

    WordPress and Medium users can write their stories with Ulysses and directly schedule or publish them from within the app. At the push of a button.
    Publish to WordPress and Medium
  • Live Preview

    The built-in live preview shows what your output is going to look like, and you can watch your changes take effect instantly.
    Live Preview
  • Built-In Export Styles

    Ulysses ships with a number of export styles for all supported formats and various use cases. ADA-style PDF? Check. That classic manuscript look? Also check.
    Built-In Export Styles
  • Style Exchange

    On the Ulysses Style Exchange, you can download plenty of export styles for all kinds of purposes, created by the Ulysses community.
    Style Exchange
  • Share & Open In

    Attach a Word manuscript to an e-mail, or open an ePub file with iBooks: Ulysses lets you conveniently share your texts, or send them directly to third-party apps.
    Share & Open In

All this, and so much more: For a comprehensive overview visit the feature table.

Feature Table

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