English Quiz - NG

Para-Life Rescue!

Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

(1) Each member of Ruy Marra's paraglider team prepares carefully before beginning a flight over the beach in Rio de Janeiro. (2) First he or she attaches the seat belts that hold the person's body securely against the frame of the glider. (3) The frame is very light, but it is also very strong and is easily able to support the weight of the powerful propeller as well as the pilot. (4) The pilot also takes a backpack containing a life preserver to help a person to remain on the surface of the water, as well as binoculars, which allow the pilot get a close look at any swimmer who may be in trouble. (5) The pilots know where the areas of highest risk are, and they focus in on people in those areas to be sure they are all right. (6) The backpack also contains a two-way radio which allows for communication with lifeguards on the ground. (7) The first thing pilots do when they spot a person in trouble in the water is to call a lifeguard and describe exactly where the person is located. (8) Then they fly against the wind over the swimmer and drop the life preserver next to the swimmer. (9) They have to fly against the wind so they can reduce their speed and fly low enough to be able to drop the life preserver exactly where they want to. (10) They keep flying over the victim until a lifeguard is able to reach the area and help the swimmer to safety. (11) Marra's idea was a truly creative one and it has already saved more than 80 lives on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.
Paraglider pilots _____________. 

The paraglider _____________. 

What is a good title for this paragraph? 

Paraglider pilots sometimes fly against the wind _____________. 

The word they in sentence 8 refers to _____________. 

Where does this sentence go?
If it lands too far away, the swimmer may not be able to reach it. 

Special glasses that make distant objects appear closer are called _____________. 

You have to _____________ a big car carefully to get it into a small parking space. 

When the person who almost drowned gets to the shore, an ambulance will _____________ for him. 

Which underlined word is incorrect?
The weather is supposed to be very hot tomorrow, so thousands of people will be go to the beach. 

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